Pecorino Romano

A rarity in the modern world - real Romano cheese from Rome!

Aren't all pecorino romanos Roman? Nope. Most are inferior versions made on the island of Sardinia (no offense, Sardinia).

We've tracked down a real pecorino romano, made as it should be, from pure sheep's milk and aged for over ten months in the hills outside of Rome. Significantly less salty than most romanos, you can truly taste the flavor of the cheese and the character of the milk.

Distinctively tangy, Fulvi pecorino romano is a wonderful cheese for grating over pastas, soups, casseroles or sautéed vegetables. Brings gutsy, rustic, authentic Roman character to your pasta. It's a long-lived cheese, like Parmigiano-Reggiano, so don't be afraid to buy larger pieces (they keep better).

Pecorino Romano

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