Borgotaro Parmigiano Reggiano

Bold flavors from the top of the mountains

The dairy at Borgotaro is located up in the mountains, about sixty kilometers southwest of the town of Parma and about as far away as you can get and still be in the region. The area has plenty of fresh mountain air, a beautiful river and good food, which makes it a popular tourist destination for Italians. 

Borgotaro is a co-op owned by its farmer members. It's made up of only 20 producers, plus five small farms from which they buy a bit of milk. Most of the Borgotaro farms have around 20-30 cows, a relatively small number, which is why it's necessary for them to pool their milk and resources together in order to make a product that can benefit everyone. The milk from the farms is collected in cans and the cheese is made within two hours of milking. All told, the co-op produces roughly 23 cheeses a day. Again, a small amount. 

They almost exclusively use natural aging at temperatures throughout the year. Most of the time they leave the windows open to allow for natural air flow through the aging rooms, though they do use air-conditioning on those rare occassions the temperature rises too high. All these old-school techniques produce a cheese that's really exceptional. Big, round flavor. Sweet, but not at all out of balance. It has some low notes that go well with the bright high notes and nice little crystals of flavor from the well-aged amino acids. The flavor lingers long. Neal's Yard Dairy founder Randolph Hodgson might describe it as a "thirty miler:" you're still tasting it thirty miles down the road. 

The wheels we're currently cutting into have lovely sweetness, nary a note of bitterness, great texture and long, lingering flavors.  

Borgotaro Parmigiano Reggiano

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