Country Miche Bread

Country Miche Bread

Bigger is better.

“Miche” is French for loaf and typically refers to the large size and round shape in the style of traditional French country bread. In this case, our larger sized loaf is a whopping four pounds! Bigger loaves have bigger flavor, a moister crumb and longer staying power. Ours is a "country" miche because it's made of a flavorful multi-grain mix of Michigan stone-ground wheat, freshly milled rye flour, whole buckwheat, and spelt flour, all naturally leavened by its own unique starter. Then it's baked to a dark caramelized crust giving it natural sweetness and extra flavor. The whole process takes about 18 hours. The result is a deep and complex flavor. 
Pack a big beautiful Country Miche for your up north vacation—or park it on your kitchen counter at home—and it'll last the week. Bring it to your tailgate to feed a tent full of fans. Or make it the centerpiece of a big family dinner and break bread together.

Country Miche Bread — Large Round

B-MCH 4 lb round
Ships 2 business days

Country Miche Bread — Small Round

B-MCH-A 2 lb loaf
Ships 2 business days
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