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Zzang!® Four Candy Bar Gift Box

Zzang!® Four Candy Bar Gift Box

Handmade candy bars from Ann Arbor.

Zingerman's Candy Manufactory makes great, old-fashioned American candy bars almost entirely by hand here in Ann Arbor. Chunky, fat, fudgy bars you can wrap your hand around. All the ingredients are natural, and, I guarantee, you can pronounce their names without a chemistry degree.

This box collects four candy bars, one each of: Zzang!® Original Peanut, Ca$hew Cow, What the Fudge?! and Wowza Raspberry. It comes in a cartoon box decorated by Zingerman’s famed illustrators.

Makes a great gift for any chocolate lover.

You can also order each of the bars individually

"It's a weakness. I think I'll need a 12-step program."
Pattie, Jasper, MI

Zzang!® Four Candy Bar Gift Box

P-4-ZOW Four bars, one of each flavor, 10.5 oz total