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Zingerman's Freshly Milled Einkorn Wheat Flour

Zingerman's Freshly Milled Einkorn Wheat Flour

Ancient grain, freshly milled.

Einkorn is the original wheat. The grass that our ancestors stumbled upon in Fertile Crescent several thousand years ago. From it, bread was born. Genetically speaking, it is the oldest of all varieties of wheat out there, smaller than modern wheat, looking like large, golden flax seeds.
In the thousands of years since the discovery of einkorn there have been a raft of developments in wheat farming. Modern wheats are much higher yielding than einkorn, which means more bushesl per acre, a lower cost. They also produce much more gluten, which makes for easier bread baking. But what the modern grains gained in efficiency they often lost in flavor. Einkorn has flavor in spades: sweet, nutty, earthy, with notes of honey, hay and corn.
Our einkorn is grown on a century-old farm in Caro, Michigan, a couple of hours north of our Bakehouse. We bring the grain in whole then fire up our small granite mill it to grind it into a whole wheat flour. We never separate any part out, so all the nutrition and flavor of the wheat remains. The flour is fluffy and aromatic, very high in protein and minerals, and typically low in gluten.
It is superbly suited to tender pancakes and pastries. Einkorn scones have been particularly successful in our kitchens. It can be a great addition to breads, too.

Zingerman's Freshly Milled Einkorn Wheat Flour

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