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Yellingbo Olive Oil

Yellingbo Olive Oil

Rare oil from Down Under.

From a small estate in the Yellingbo Conservation Nature Reserve in Australia, the Meltzer family has created a wonderful addition to our extra virgin olive oil collection.

Yellingbo oil is made in very small quantities. The Meltzers only have 2,500 trees, and they’re not really interested in getting a whole lot bigger. Year before last they produced about 3,000 liters of oil... a very small amount compared with most of what’s being produced by others (though, to be fair, most of the oils we carry are made in similarly small quantities).

They have their own press on the farm—a rarity for oil makers—and the olives are turned into oil less than six hours after they're picked to protect their quality. That's another rarity, since twenty-four hours is considered to be very good. The oil is a robust blend of Manzanillo, Leccino, Picual, and Corregiola olives.

Interesting aside: the Helmeted Honeyeater that graces the label is endangered but feels at home gliding through the Meltzers' orchards.

The latest harvest, bottled unfiltered, was harvested in summer (since it's from the Southern hemisphere, it's made in our early summer, their fall). The aroma reminds me of green tomatoes, with a brightness like grapefruit. The flavor is quite bitter, like arugula. The finish has a hint of that citrusy brightness from the aroma, and a peppery tingle all down the throat.


". . . apple and wood aromas, with hints of almond on the palate and a peppery kick."
Camas Davis, Saveur

Yellingbo Olive Oil

O-YEL 500 ml

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