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Whiskey Peach Jam

Whiskey Peach Jam

Saucy jam.

Maura Gramzinski made her first batch of Whiskey Peach Deliciousness—AKA jam—from her own peach trees and entered it in the county fair. She promptly won the blue ribbon and her company RedCamper was born.

Maura and her small crew only use fruit when it’s in season and keep most of their sourcing to one region of Colorado (the whiskey is from A.D. Laws Whiskey House in Denver). Capturing the flavor and texture of peaches in a preserve is notoriously difficult, but Maura knocks it out of the park. The whiskey balances the sweetness, giving this simple jam complexity and depth.
Miraculous mixed with yogurt, atop fresh cheese or even as a glaze for grilled chicken.

Whiskey Peach Jam

P-CWP 9 oz jar