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Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Private, custom virtual events for your team or client meetings.

Thank your crew, break up the next four-hour conference call about EBITDA, or—dare we say it?—perhaps even have a bit of fun with your cohort.

How it works

1. Planning: Our Virtual Event Concierge will work with you to pick your time and date, the foods you’d like (think cheese tastings, reuben sandwich making classes, or whatever else you can dream up), and help coordinate all of the logistics.

2. Size limits: We usually keep each event to 50 people at most. If you have more than that we’re happy to host multiple sessions.

3. Timeline: From our experience, it usually takes at least two weeks from the point of “Let’s do this!” to having the event.

4. Before the event: Your team members will get their shipments a couple of days before the event and, soon after, links to the Zoom invite and any pre-event instructions.

5. During the event: Our host and chat moderator will guide you through the virtual event where you will taste, learn about, and maybe even cook great food. You can invite us in for five minutes or up to an hour.

6. Pricing: The cost is the food (usually somewhere between $75–$200 per person), plus a $300 host fee.

Sound intriguing? Call 866.260.6169 or email bizgifts@zingermans.com to start planning your event.

Virtual Events

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