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Virtual Event - The Secrets of Balsamic Vinegar with La Vecchia Dispensa

Virtual Event - The Secrets of Balsamic Vinegar with La Vecchia Dispensa

February 13, 2021: Behind the scenes with a balsamic vinegar maker in Italy.

Working just off the historic square in the center of the old town of Castelvetro, southwest of Modena, Italy, La Vecchia Dispensa is the acetaia, or vinegar-making house, of Roberta Pelloni and her husband Marino Tintori. They make a range of outstanding balsamics. And while I've probably tasted a hundred balsamics since we started carrying theirs two decades ago, none have come close in terms of balance and flavor. Although many believe Americans tend to gravitate toward sweet caramel-flavored balsamics, Marino is quick to emphasize “the key to great Balsamico is balance.”

Exaggerating sweetness is an easy way to enhance appeal and reduce the need for proper blending and aging. You might not notice it at first, but after many uses overly sweet balsamics get kind of dull. Not so with Vecchia Dispensa. They have a legion of followers who return to them again and again. Simone Tintori is the son of Roberta and Marino and the CEO of the family business of balsamic. He has literally grown up with the balsamics he sells. We’ll learn how he manages and his family blend the vinegars to achieve the flavors they want, as well as what it takes to age and cultivate one of the world’s most fabled vinegars.

From his acetaia in Italy, Simone will guide us all through a tasting of four different ages of their vinegar and fill us in on the best ways to use them. Each age has its own characteristics it brings to a dish. One size (or age in this case) does not fit all.

All you'll need are two details: the address where we can ship the food, and the email address where we can keep the recipient informed about what's to come as the event grows near.

The class will start at 3 pm ET on Saturday, February 13th, 2021, and last about an hour.
We’ll ship a gift box of four different balsamics. You'll receive them by Thursday, February 11. Try to not slup them all down before the class!
The class will take place over Zoom. You'll need a device to connect to Zoom and a high speed internet connection to attend. We'll include instructions getting connected to Zoom in the box (and we’ll email the instructions, too).
The event is hosted by Zingerman’s with special guest stars.

What food is included in your shipment
A gift box containing four 100 ml bottles of balsamic vinegar—enough to taste AND keep you dressing salads and drizzling on berries or cheese for months to come.

Let the recipient know what they're in for now: Download this card and give it to them!

Virtual Event - The Secrets of Balsamic Vinegar with La Vecchia Dispensa

G-ZVE-BAL 1-hour class on Feb. 13, 2021, including four 100 ml bottles of balsamic
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