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Virtual Event - Reuben Making with Chef Rodger Bowser

Virtual Event - Reuben Making with Chef Rodger Bowser

January 23, 2021: Create the famous Zingerman’s Reuben with the head chef of Zingerman's Deli.

When Ari Weinzweig and Paul Saginaw started talking nearly forty years ago about opening a deli, they had a vision for what it would be like to eat one of their sandwiches. “We wanted it to be so big, you’d have to use two hands to hold it, and it would be so stacked and packed with ingredients that dressing would drip down your arms when you took a bite,” recalls Paul. “I wanted to see a pile of used napkins next to every customer. Then I’d know we were doing it right.”

The Zingerman’s Reuben was, is, and forever will be our most popular sandwich. Zingerman’s Deli makes about 50,000 reubens a year and has made an impression on everyone from Barack Obama to Mindy Kaling to Oprah to my own mom (she likes hers with chopped liver). Now you can make your own Zingerman's Reuben sandwich at home with expert demonstration, advice and insights from Zingerman’s chef and managing partner, Rodger Bowser.

Rodger will guide us all through the entire process of making a reuben exactly the way we do at the Deli. From prepping and slicing the bread, to steaming the meats and grilling the sandwich to the optimum moment of perfect cheese meltification, Rodger will be our sherpa on this sandwich making adventure and at the end of the event we’ll be dining on the reubens we create.

All you'll need are two details: the address where we can ship the food, and the email address where we can keep the recipient informed about what's to come as the event grows near.

The class will start at 3 pm ET on Saturday, January 23rd and last about an hour.
We’ll ship everything needed to make enough sandwiches to feed 3-4 people (or one person for a few days in a row), along with accoutrements and dessert. You'll receive it all on Thursday, January 21. Try to not eat it all before the class!
The class will take place over Zoom. You'll need a device to connect to Zoom and a high speed internet connection to attend. We'll include instructions getting connected to Zoom in the box (and we’ll email the instructions, too).
The event is hosted by Zingerman’s.

What food is included in your shipment
A loaf of Jewish Rye, sliced Corned Beef, sliced Emmentaler Swiss cheese, Zingerman’s potato chips, Coleslaw, Sauerkraut, Russian dressing, garlicky pickles, Magic Brownie Bites.

Let the recipient know what they're in for now: Download this card and email it to them.

Virtual Event - Reuben Making with Chef Rodger Bowser

G-ZVE-REU 1-hour class on Jan. 23, 2021, including sandwich fixins to feed 3-4
We're not sure when it's returning