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Virtual Event - Bake Zingerman's Bakehouse Classics

Virtual Event - Bake Zingerman's Bakehouse Classics

January 30, 2021: Let's bake a cake!

For more than fifteen years, the passionate bakers at BAKE!, Zingerman’s hands-on teaching bakery, have shared the secrets of professional baking with folks like you and me. They offer dozens of different bread, pastry, and cake hands-on baking classes and cooking classes both in their teaching kitchens here in Ann Arbor and—luckily for us—online.

Amy Emberling, managing partner of Zingerman’s Bakehouse, and Sara Molinaro, the principal of BAKE!, will lead a small group of up to twenty at-home bakers in making two Zingerman’s classics: Sour Cream Coffee Cake and Pecan Praline Banana Bread.

The Sour Cream Coffee Cake is legendary, a classic bundt-shaped cake that’s been our most popular gift at Zingerman’s Mail Order since we opened our doors. The Pecan Praline Banana Bread is a sweet and salty baked good that’s boosted by the sweet crackle of caramelized pecans. Amy and Sara will join us from the BAKE! teaching kitchen, show us the secrets of baking the way they do, as well as tell us more about Zingerman’s Bakehouse and its campus.

Amy and Sara and the helpful faculty at BAKE! will support and assist us through two-ish hours of baking, leaving our homes filled with the warm aroma of fresh baked banana bread and redolent of toasted nuts and cinnamon. All you'll need are two details: the address where we can ship the ingredients, and the email address where we can keep the recipient informed about what's to come as the event grows near.

The class start at 3 pm ET on Saturday, January 30th and last around two hours.
We’ll ship all the dry ingredients and equipment you'll need, including the bundt pan, before the event. You'll receive them by Thursday, January 28. Try not to use them all up before the class!
Home bakers will need to provide their own eggs, sour cream, butter, ripe bananas, and a loaf pan.
The class will take place over Zoom. You'll need a device to connect to Zoom and a high speed internet connection to attend. We'll include instructions getting connected to Zoom in the box (and we’ll email the instructions, too).
The event is hosted by Zingerman’s with special guest stars.

What food is included in your shipment
All the dry ingredients to make Sour Cream Coffee Cake and Banana Bread, plus a bundt pan.

Let the recipient know what they're in for: Download this card and email it to them.

Virtual Event - Bake Zingerman's Bakehouse Classics

G-ZVE-SSP 2-hour class on Jan. 30, 2021, including ingredients & equipment for two baking projects
Free shipping