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Veggie Confetti Sweet Bread

Veggie Confetti Sweet Bread

Garden party.

The latest sweet treat from the ovens at Zingerman’s Bakehouse features the bounty of the harvest. Veggie Confetti Sweet Bread starts with the same organic flour, real butter, fresh eggs, and cane sugar used in all our pastries, then gets a deep, dark sweetness from the addition of grated zucchini, beets, and carrots. Then the loaf gets a heady dose of cinnamon and nutmeg to tie it all together. The vegetables give the bread a deep, rich hue dotted with bursts of color and a soft, moist crumb full of flavor—a lot like pumpkin bread, but without the pumpkin.

A sweet addition to the tea time bread basket, a lighter option for dessert, or a killer breakfast slathered with good butter. Comes wrapped in tissue and gift boxed.

Veggie Confetti Sweet Bread

G-VEG Gift boxed, serves 5-7

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