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Txakoli White Wine Vinegar

Txakoli White Wine Vinegar

Elusive Basque vinegar.

For those of you who love food arcana, it took thirty months of emails, phone calls, government forms and lost ships at sea to get this to our shelves. With nothing but an address we started the process of trying to import it. The Txakoli wine, itself hard to find outside the Basque country, is rarely made into vinegar. The vinegar is as rare as the albino rhinorceros.

It's made by Emilio Lunegas, a devoted Basque wine maker in the town of Orduna. He decided to develop a vinegar from the traditional wine and broaden the recognition of the Basque region. Working with top-quality Txakoli made primarily from Hondarribi Zuri white grapes, as well as a bit from its cousin, the equally obscure black Hondarribi Beltza, Sr. Luengas and his colleagues make only about 1,200 liters of the vinegar in a year.

The flavor is light, lovely, lingering. It’s not sweet, and there’s an airiness to it that makes it refreshing. It’s very nice on simple salads of most any sort. Exceptional with seafood—deglaze a pan after you sauté fish in it. Try it on toast with good anchovies and some of Mariano Sanz's great olive oil

Txakoli White Wine Vinegar

V-ODV 500 ml