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Tortilla Flour Blend with Masienda

Tortilla Flour Blend with Masienda

Masienda + Hayden Mill = a ground up collaboration

The folks behind Masienda traveled from California to Oaxaca, Mexico on a quest for the best corn flour for tortillas they could find. The were blown away by the farmers and heirloom corn they encountered and found a way to bring the flour and flavor back to the states. Each batch of flour is ground from dried, heirloom kernels without cooking off any flavors with heat and friction. Every since 2014 they've been bringing in more and more products, but mostly they're focused on the corn and the flour.

The Hayden Flour Mill was established in Tempe, Arizona back in the late 1800’s by Charles Hayden. As the legend goes, he was on his way north when he was delayed by flood waters on the Salt River. While waiting it out, he came to realize that this particular area would be the perfect place for a mill. In the last decade or so Hayden Mills has been resurrected back to its former glory by the vision and family of Jeff Zimmerman. He wanted to bring back the process of minimally processing heritage wheats so that their unique flavors and uses could find some glory, too.

Sound like spiritual siblings? Yeah, they thought so too so they collaborated on this flour. It's a 50/50 mix of White Sonora wheat from Arizona with the Olotillo Blanco corn from Oaxaca, Mexico. The result is a flour with more heft and lots of flavor that can stand up to any taco ingredient you can imagine.

Simply add water to this flour to make the dough. Roll it out thin, then cook each tortilla on a saute pan or flat surface, flipping before they burn. In a matter of minutes you’ll turn this flour into delicious, authentic, Oaxacan-style tortillas.

Tortilla Flour Blend with Masienda

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