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Three Heritage Pork Chop Tasting Flight

Three Heritage Pork Chop Tasting Flight

Flight of (pork) fancy.

What gives meat flavor? In my experience, there are four main factors: One, what did the animal eat? Two, what breed of animal was it? Three, how was the animal raised? And four, how was the meat processed?

Here, we've got an exploration of three different heritage breeds of pigs. They were all raised outdoors on pasture, without antibiotics or hormones, on American farms across the midwest. It's an opportunity to explore how these heritage breeds—which have been raised for centuries specifically for their flavor—compare and contrast. 

You might see one of these breeds at your local butcher's counter or on a menu at a high-end restaurant. It's rare, though, to find three all in one place, assembled into a single tasting flight.

Our pork tasting flight includes two each of three different breeds, 6 chops total:

  • Red Wattle, known for its sweet flavor and meltingly delicious fat
  • Duroc, known for its depth and complexity
  • Ibérico, Spain’s iconic breed now raised in Georgia

In total, the box includes over 3.5 pounds of supremely flavorful pork, a one of a kind experience, ready for grilling. We also include some notes on each breed so you can read while you eat.

Chops ship frozen, though they may thaw and be cold, not hard, when they arrive. They come two to a pack. Because they’re thick they are best cooked using a temperature probe. The USDA recommends cooking to 160, but that’s well done and, in my mind, a shame for this quality of pork. I like medium rare to medium, 140 to 145. I've grilled them and cooked them in a pan and, in part because the grill is technically more difficult, I lean toward cooking them in a pan. Get it very hot, add oil, and cook them a few minutes on each side. They'll brown beautifully. Then put the pan in a 400 degree oven. Don't flip them again. Probe regularly until you get the temperature you're looking for.

Three Heritage Pork Chop Tasting Flight

G-PC3 6 pork chops, over 3.5 pounds of meat total
Returning on or before December 24
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