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Tanzanian Mwika Peaberry Coffee

Tanzanian Mwika Peaberry Coffee

The roaster's pick for October!

Far at the northeastern edge of Tanzania, just a few miles from the border with Kenya, the town of Mwika sits at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. With abundant rainfall and rich, volcanic soils, and an altitude just over a mile above sea level, the land surrounding the town is ideal for growing coffee. These beans come from a cooperative of small farmers, all committed to using organic growing practices.

This particular batch is a peaberry coffee, which is a genetic oddity of the coffee cherry. The coffee beans we roast, grind, and brew are the "pit" of the coffee cherry. Most coffee cherry "pits" have two seeds—what we would call coffee beans—within a single husk. When you split it open, each bean will have one rounded side and one flat side, from where the two halves grew together. But a small percentage—around 10% of all coffee cherries at most—have just a single, round bean. Those round beans are called peaberries.
Does a coffee bean taste different when it's a regular split bean or a peaberry? Not necessarily. Some folks claim peaberries may be stronger or sweeter, but those differences are more subtle than the differences between different varietals of coffee beans, or different terroirs where the coffee was grown.
Even if a peaberry and a regular coffee bean from the same plant on the same farm taste basically the same, the fact that you can get a peaberry coffee is often a good indicator of quality. To get a peaberry coffee, you have to sort the peaberries from the regular beans. This separation is typically done by hand—a step that big, industrial coffee producers generally skip, since it adds more time and labor costs. When you find a peaberry coffee on offer, it's a good bet that the grower is concerned with the details and focused on quality.

The result in this case is a nicely full bodied coffee with lovely little hints of apricot, blackberries, and semi-dark chocolate. It's particularly nice brewed as a pourover, which amplifies its fruity flavors and gives it a rich, creamy body.

Roast: Medium.
Tasting Notes: Full bodied and bright. Hints of apricot.
Facts: Roasted fresh by Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean.

Tanzanian Mwika Peaberry Coffee

P-COF-TAN 12 oz bag
Returning on or before October 30
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