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Sweet Olive Oil Tortas Gift Box

Sweet Olive Oil Tortas Gift Box

Spanish elephant ears.

In Sevilla, tortas were originally made by local bakers looking to capitalize on the huge amount of olive oil produced in the region. They baked these flat, blistered, flour disks. They caught on, probably due in no small part to the fact that a quarter of their weight is olive oil. We offer them in their traditional form, topped with sugar and anise seed, which gives them an herbaceous note in the finish. They're kind of like fairground elephant ears (from what must be the greatest fair ever).

Spaniards enjoy them with coffee or chocolate. I think they also go well with a glass of brandy. Each is a little bigger than a CD. We'll send 12 sweet tortas in our cartooned box so the fragile treats survive the trip.

"Zingerman's addictive Spanish elephant ears (tortillas) are very crisp flat breads with a perfectly balanced combination of olive oil, salt, sugar and anise."
Marion Burros, New York Times

Sweet Olive Oil Tortas Gift Box

G-TOR 12 Tortas
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