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State Street Wheat Bread

State Street Wheat Bread

The best thing since sliced bread.

After more than 25 years of artisan baking, Zingerman’s proudly presents: a sliced sandwich bread! Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s a big deal.
Unlike nearly all of our breads, with their crisp, crunchy crusts, this is a classic, soft sandwich loaf, packed in a plastic bag and sliced. It looks a lot like the long, rectangular loaves we're all used to seeing at the grocery. The flavor and texture are familiar, too. But instead of being loaded with dough conditioners and all manner of unpronounceable ingredients like most grocery loaves, ours has just seven ingredients, all of which you probably have in your own kitchen right now.
Our bakers start with Michigan-grown, freshly milled whole grain wheat flours and a touch of organic rye flour. They mix in a bit of Michigan honey, olive oil, water, and sea salt. They bake the loaves lightly to keep the flavors mild and approachable. What you get is a flavorful loaf that really tastes like the grain, with the added bonus of a tender and moist crumb, and a relatively long shelf-life. It comes sliced and ready for making sandwiches. 

State Street Wheat Bread

B-SSW 1.75 lb loaf, sliced
Ships 2 business days

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