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Spicy Sicilian Pesto

Spicy Sicilian Pesto

A spicy Sicilian take on a classic.

Though pesto originated in Northern Italy, you find all sorts of variations in every corner of the country. Regional recipes differ, but they all start with the same key ingredients: basil, garlic and great olive oil.

Since Southern Italian cooking has a little kick to its cuisine, this pesto has a bit of hot peppers added to the mix. They give a mild amount of heat without venturing too far from our idea of what pesto should be.

Try some on a bit of pasta. (Rustic pastas, like Rustichella, tend to have more grooves for grabbing sauce and pair perfectly with pesto.) Or shake up your family dinner, and use this instead of tomato sauce the next time you make homemade pizza.

Spicy Sicilian Pesto

P-PES 180 g jar