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Seville Orange Syrup

Seville Orange Syrup

Delicately sweet.

While Seville oranges are most familiar to many of us in chunky, bittersweet British marmalades, expert citrus preserver Robert Lambert—maker of extraordinary preserves and fruit cakes—reimagined them for this syrup. He cooked down the juice of the Seville orange with sugar and a touch of peel, creating an exquisite, redolent syrup that reveals the delicate sweetness of the Seville orange.

The aroma is deep with a pithy/spicy scent and deep citrus flavor. As thick as maple syrup yet light on the tongue with a lingering note of sweet and bright orange. 

Pour it over pancakes or crepes. Drizzle it on yogurt, oatmeal, or ice cream. Shake it into a cocktail. Whisk a thimblefull into a vinaigrette. Try a smidge on broiled salmon.

Seville Orange Syrup

P-SVO 5 oz bottle
Ships for flat rate

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