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Sennerkase Cheese with Fenugreek

Sennerkase Cheese with Fenugreek

From the Bavarian Alps.

I’ll admit, I’m not normally a fan of flavored cheeses—but this one has me swooning. From cheesemaker Arturo Chiriboga, working in his creamery tucked in a mountain village town at the base of the Bavarian Alps, comes this cheese he calls Sennerkase. He works closely with five local dairies; the milk comes from cows that graze in the nearby mountain pastures. 

Sennerkase is a traditional German alpine cheese with a twist: the addition of the yellow Eastern Indian fenugreek seeds is a nod to the cultural importance of the revered blue fenugreek that is seen in decorations across this southern region of Germany. The fenugreek has a natural maple syrup sweetness that adds to the rich, buttery, toasted grain flavor of this cheese.

Nibble on it with a crisp German Riesling or Gewürztraminer, or melt it over roasted potatoes.

Sennerkase Cheese with Fenugreek

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