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Salami Americano

Salami Americano

Italian style, American accent.

Salami Americano is Herb and Kathy Eckhouse's Italian-style salami made with an American accent.

I say American accent, but that may be misleading. Most Americanized European foods trade subtelty for boldness. American small-batch beers are notably super hoppy. American wines are often tannic and extra-bold. Not so with La Quercia's Salami Americano. It's not exactly retiring, but it isn't all in your face, either. What it has is a subtle, complex flavor, a flavor that makes you reach for another bite, again and again.

Dry cured and aged for three months, Salami Americano it's made from cuts from Duroc and Berkshire-Lancaster hogs. The grind is midway between fine and coarse, meaning you won't find large pieces of fat laced through the salami, but it's not as smooth as baloney either. There are fine pieces of melt-in-your-mouth fat spread throughout, giving the salami a buttery texture.

The flavor is very meaty with just a hint of garlic and pepper in the finish. La Quercia removes the casing before packing in cry-o-vac, so it's ready to eat right of the package. Slice and serve as you would any salami. It's great on pizzas, sandwiches and salads.

Salami Americano

M-SLA About 1 lb piece