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Roadhouse Joe Coffee - Monthly Subscription

Roadhouse Joe Coffee - Monthly Subscription

Smooth as silk, served daily at Zingerman's Roadhouse.

In preparation for the opening of Zingerman’s Roadhouse in 2003, months of collaboration and tasting resulted in the creation of this signature coffee blend. It’s been a hit ever since. Designed to complement food, it emphasizes body and balance over sharpness and acidity. It finishes with a very slight nuttiness and is by far our most popular blend. 

Technically, it’s a mix of Papua New Guinea, Costa Rican, Indian, and Brazilian Peaberry, each added for their contribution in body, balance and nuttiness. Less technically—but more importantly—it’s a sensible, smooth, crowd-pleasing coffee that’s guaranteed to satisfy anyone at your table (or on your gift list).

Love this coffee? Sign up for monthly subscription and we will send you a bag or two of freshly roasted beans every four weeks. Want to know more before you sign up? Read Coffee Subscription FAQs

Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: Balanced, slightly nutty. Smooth.
Facts: Roasted fresh by Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean. 


Roadhouse Joe Coffee - Monthly Subscription

P-COF-ROA-MO 12 oz bag, whole bean
$31 - $53
Free shipping