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Rick's Picks Smoked Okra

Rick's Picks Smoked Okra

Southern snack.

Rick Field quit his day job and started making pickles a few years ago, a career fantasy I imagine a number of you might be entertaining. Ah, to find great produce from local farmers and preserve it! To make something with my own hands. To be my own boss and follow my passion. To freeze my ass off at the farmer’s market, alone, in the dark, at dawn, in February, trying to persuade someone to buy something.

To taste that particular flavor of romance, get a jar of Rick’s spicy pickled okra. Brined with smoked Spanish paprika to give it a special zip. For those who know okra as mushy and mealy take note: this is neither. Each piece is crispy and crunchy.

Tip from Rick
Hanging out with Rick at the Brooklyn Farmer's Market, he gave me this idea. When you finish a jar of Smokra, drop in a peeled hard-boiled egg or green beans or some thinly sliced carrots. Let them soak for a couple days and enjoy them, now lightly brined, with some salty cheese and radishes.

"These pungent, zippy and not remotely slimy little guys make for a sophisticated bar snack, and pair well with a Manhattan."
The New York Times

Rick's Picks Smoked Okra

P-RPS 15 oz
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