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Portuguese Coarse Sea Salt

Portuguese Coarse Sea Salt

Transform your cooking.

This salt will radically alter the results of your cooking. Its sweet, clean flavor is exciting and nothing like standard table salt or commercial sea salts. It virtually transforms the food that it touches.

We found this salt in the Algarve, the southern tip of Portugal, where sea salt has been collected and exported since the 11th century. Unfortunately, traditional sea-salt gathering had almost died by the end of the 20th century. Enter marine biology student João Navalho and some fellow modern traditionalists. They revived the practice, both in the name of good food and ecology. Since they've refashioned the salt pools and built their wooden salt rakes, egrets and herons have returned to the blossoming ecosystem, as have salt lovers.

This salt is funneled to and collected in the same tidal pools where they obtain the famed Flor de Sal. Where you use the Flor de Sal primarily to finish dishes, this is the salt you'll want to use when you're cooking. All natural, it's got a clean, bright flavor that's not marred by the metallic aftertaste in most commercial sea salts.


Portuguese Coarse Sea Salt

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