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Piparra Peppers

Piparra Peppers

A Basque country tapa.

If you're a Spanish tapas fan don't pass these by.

Traditional peppers of the Basque region, piparras are yellowish green in color with a mild, half-pickled flavor. They look a little like almost-ripe string beans but they taste like a slightly spicy sour pepper.

My favorite way to eat them is like they do at pinxos tapas bars in Basque country, skewered in a U shape with an anchovy. They're great as a Spanish antipasto with olives, cheese and some chorizo. You can also sneak them into martinis or Bloody Marys. There are probably a dozen other things I haven't thought of that you will dream up.

Mildly pickled, so they last for a long time once opened.

Piparra Peppers

P-PPP 6.4 oz jar