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Parnon Estates Olive Oil

Parnon Estates Olive Oil

Everyday oil, exceptional flavor.

We sell all manner of olive oils at Zingerman’s, but we often focus our attention on the estate olive oils. The idea behind an “estate” oil is simple: everything is done on the family or company’s land. The olives are harvested, pressed, and bottled all at the same location in order to get the best quality oil. As soon as an olive falls off the tree it’s breaking down. Old olives get bruised, bruised olives go rancid, rancid olives make rancid oil and spoil the whole production.

So the less time the olive spends in transit between the tree and press the better. Most estates try to press within 24 hours of harvesting. At Parnon Estates, located in Greece's southern Peloponnese region, they have that down to about two hours between tree and press. That sort of quickness insures that they capture the freshness of their Koroneiki olives, including all the intense flavors present in the oil at that first cold pressing.

After pressing, the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks for a few weeks so that it can settle. Initially the flavor is high voltage, rough around the edges. The settling allows the flavor to smooth out and become something you’ll want to eat every day.

And that’s what we have here: an everyday extra virgin olive oil refined enough to use for your salads and as a seasoning, yet hearty enough to stand up to sautéing in a pan over direct heat. This oil does it all. In the olive oil world that’s a rarity. 

Parnon Estates Olive Oil

O-PAR 750 ml
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