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Pandoro Classico

Pandoro Classico

Panettone's pal.

Pandoro is the kissing cousin to the feather-light, candied citrus-studded panettone found in storefront windows and dessert tables across Italy during December. The only thing different is pandoro does not have any candied citrus inside.

And yet it doesn't feel right to call this cake 'plain.' Perhaps it's more kid-friendly, but that might give the impression it's only for kids. It's not. It's softly sweet with a texture that's fluffy like a pillow. When you rip off a piece, the dough peels off in long strips like cotton candy, just like panettone. Where pandoro has an edge over its more famous cohort is in its presentation. Pandoro is taller than panettone and can be turned into an impressive center piece for dessert after a holiday feast.

What you can't finish after dinner turns into incredible fodder for French toast. Or serve with some gelato, draped in a thin coat of a dessert wine, like moscato.

Beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting.

Pandoro Classico

P-PND 1 kilo, serves 12-15