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Pancetta Spread from La Quercia

Pancetta Spread from La Quercia

Spread it everywhere.

From our longtime friends and partners in food: Herb and Kathy Eckhouse at La Quercia in Norwalk, Iowa. They make some of the best tasting, most humanely-raised cured pork products in the country, and some say the world—including me. Seriously, I’d put their prosciutto up against any challengers from Italy.

This spread is made from their own pancetta—an Italian's version of unsmoked bacon. As a spread, pancetta puts a ton of meaty, buttery flavor into any dish.

While you can certainly slather it on toast points or crackers, I recommend using it as the fat to cook in. Throw a tablespoon or two into a pan and go to town with sauteed veggies, fried eggs, even to top a steak. It’ll add all those rich, savory components to most any dish you create.

Pancetta Spread from La Quercia

M-GPS 4 oz package
Returning on or before January 10
ships 2 business days