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Ottobratico Olive Oil

Ottobratico Olive Oil

An elegant oil from the wilds of Calabria.

We carry oils from all over Italy, but this is the first time a Calabrian olive oil has been on our shelves.

This oil is made from a type of olive that only grows in Calabria and is rarely seen outside its borders. The olive variety is called 'ottobratico' and the oil it produces is wonderfully fruity, green and nutty. 

The flavors tend towards the milder side of the spectrum, which makes the oil perfect for dishes like fish or risotto—any dish with softer flavors that just need a little accentuating. 

It's interesting to me that Calabria—a region famous for strong flavors like licorice and chiles—could produce such a subtle, nuanced oil. Its aroma is one of green tomatoes and almonds, its flavor hints of bananas, artichokes, with some soft notes of citrus in the finish. 

A wonderful gift for any foodie and a homerun for any olive oil aficionado who thinks they've tasted them all.

Extra virgin olive oil
Ottobrattco olives
Light and elegant flavors
The current harvest from fall 2020 is very aromatic, with herbal and almond notes. The flavor is delicate and citrusy, with a touch of fruity pink peppercorn warmth. 

Ottobratico Olive Oil

O-OTB 500 ml

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How to store olive oil

As a very flexible rule, extra virgin olive oil can be stored for about a year. Keep it in a relatively cool, dark place. Heat and light are enemies, so stay away from window sills and stove sides. There’s no need to refrigerate, in fact, we recommend you avoid it.

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How do you know your olive oil is the real deal?

Every couple years it seems a big news story breaks about the dangers of adulterated extra virgin olive oil. The oils in these stories invariably from producers who are blending olives from many sources. They’re mixing less expensive oils in, ones that are possibly not from the region they say they are, possibly not extra […]

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