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New Year's Eve Caviar Experience Gift

New Year's Eve Caviar Experience Gift

Ring in the new year with caviar: the epitome of elegance, indulgence, and flavor. 

There are a handful of luxurious foods that we’ve all heard of but few have tasted. At the top of the list is caviar, the precious roe of the sturgeon that’s been prized for centuries. 

For the first time ever we’re offering a limited number of gift boxes for the ultimate caviar experience. Can you think of a better way to kick out the old and ring in the new? 

Start your tasting with Trout Roe, the large, golden colored pearls that pleasantly pop when you bite them. They have briny notes reminiscent of oysters, yet they finish with a light sweetness that lingers. It’s wonderful paired with a light cream cheese or creme fraiche and the accompanying blinis.

The most memorable moment will be when you savor the Osetra (Haute d’Or) roe of the famed sturgeon. Much smaller than the trout roe, this dark grey caviar is what we all think of when we imagine fancy parties for czars (or that one party scene in Big). There’s no brininess to this roe, only the velvety deep, softly savory umami flavors and the subtlest nutty notes. Unlike the trout, this caviar melts in your mouth while your eyes slowly close and you exhale what could possibly be the most contented breath you’ve had in the last two months. 

Each gift box comes with a one-ounce jar of Trout Roe and a one-ounce jar Haute d’Or Osetra Caviar. We’re also including a precious yet functional mother of pearl spoon for serving your caviar as well as a package of blinis, the small pancakes traditionally served with caviar. 

Order details
Order now, and your two tins of caviar, blinis, and spoon will ship overnight to arrive chilled and fresh on Thursday, December 30 or Friday, December 31 just in time for the new year.

Very limited quantities.

New Year's Eve Caviar Experience Gift

G-CVR 2 oz of caviar plus 16 blinis and a mother of pearl spoon
Returning December 2022

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