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Neat-opolitan Chocolate & Strawberry Layer Cake

Neat-opolitan Chocolate & Strawberry Layer Cake

The cake trifecta.

Three flavors in one bite. Chocolate cake, fresh strawberry buttercream, all covered in Madagascar vanilla buttercream frosting.

The pastry magicians at Zingerman’s Bakehouse love baking cakes above all else. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, coffee cakes, everyday cakes—whenever there are cakes to bake you can bet they’ll be excited and what comes out of the oven will be incredibly tasty. The fondant cakes like our birthday cake are the show-stoppers, with their intricate decorations. Coffee cakes are our everyday best sellers. But here in Ann Arbor, special occasions are marked most often by buttercream cakes.

The showpiece on this cake is traditional buttercream frosting. Swiss style, it's made by whipping fresh eggs and sugar into a meringue, then mixing in real Wisconsin butter and Madagascar vanilla. Our cakes are also marked by what they don't contain: no artificial anything, no mixes, no shortening. These are the ingredients your grandmother would use when she baked.

Ships frozen. Remove the plastic while cold, then defrost and serve at room temperature for maximum flavor and attractiveness.

Neat-opolitan Chocolate & Strawberry Layer Cake

A-NEA Serves 6-8, 6 inches diameter, 4 inches high, 1.75 lbs

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