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Moutere Grove Olive Oil

Moutere Grove Olive Oil

Oil from down under.

A truly excellent extra virgin olive oil that comes from New Zealand. Amazingly well rounded and complex, especially for one that’s only been in the works for less than a decade.

Ed and Liz Scott use Tuscan olive varieties on their certified organic farm to lend their oil boost of spicy green olive flavor with a generous dose of pepperiness. That flavor is balanced with a touch of South Pacific lushness thatI swearhints of tropical fruit in the finish.

Try a bottle and bring this fresh set of olive oil flavors to salads, pastas, full-flavored fish or some nice New Zealand lamb grilled with garlic and fresh rosemary.

"An assertive mix of leccino, frantoio, and pendolino olives; peppery and herbaceous, with hints of... cut grass."
Camas Davis, Saveur

Moutere Grove Olive Oil

O-GRO 500 ml