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Montreal Spice Rub

Montreal Spice Rub

Montreal deli secret.

This rub made Montreal famous. At least in the deli world.

The spice trekkers of Epices de Cru in Montreal based this whole grain version on the decades old recipe that put Montreal Smoked Meat on the international delicatessen map. It's the sandwich meat you'll eat when you eat deli fare in that town in the same way corned beef and pastrami are kings of deli in New York.

While it was originally used on smoked meat, this blend is fantastic on grilled meats and even burgers. Made from black pepper, mustard seed, garlic, onion, salt, dill seed and chili, it adds slightly spicy flavors and a little heat to your meat. Savory and mouth-watering, it turns brisket into something great.

These spices are whole, not ground. Just like with coffee beans, as soon as you grind spices the flavor will fly away. Keeping them whole helps them to last as long as possible at their full potency, with all of their essential and volatile oils at their highest. To use them, just grind them up with a mortar and pestle. It takes less than 60 seconds and the aroma comes up almost as soon as you start grinding.

Montreal Spice Rub

P-MSR 50 g tin