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Maitelates Alfajores

Maitelates Alfajores

South American cookie sensation.

A Latin sensation made in Michigan, created by Chilean expat Maite Zubía. An alfajor (plural alfajores) is many things around the world, but here we're talking about the traditional Chilean cookie: two wafers sandwich a thin layer of dulce de leche caramel cream. Maite takes an extra step and enrobes the entire treat in chocolate.

The cookies are made entirely from scratch, from cooking down local milk to make the dulce de leche to baking the biscuits to dipping half the collection in dark chocolate from Mindo—a Michigan chocolate maker—and half in semi-sweet chocolate. Each cookie is hand wrapped individually, which makes it, on top of being a tasty gift, a handsome one.

They'd be especially welcome if you have an Argentinean or Chilean on your gift list.

Maitelates Alfajores

P-ALF 12 alfajores gift box