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Chocolat Moderne Drinking Chocolates

Chocolat Moderne Drinking Chocolates

Chocolate exotica.

Drinking chocolate is an all encompassing, ethereal experience...especially when you add in the exotic flavors. The potion concocters at Chocolat Moderne in New York City have melded the flavors of France and India with shaved dark chocolate, resulting in an indulgent, rich mug of hot chocolate for all the senses.

The Madame Xtasy mix has a bit of espresso, caramel, and sea salt.

Kama Sutra is sultry with coconut, cardamom, and clove.

Mix the chocolate with milk or water on the stove. Immediately, the sweet aromas fill the room. Keep stirring till all the chocolate melts, then serve and take a sip. Remarkably, neither chocolate is overly sweet. With each sip the warmth of the hot chocolate radiates through your body, tingling your fingers and settling your nerves. 

After a long hard day, or before an exciting night, there's nothing finer than the total body experience of a piping hot mug of one of these drinking chocolates.

Madame Xtasy Drinking Chocolate

P-XCH 13 oz tin
Ships for flat rate

Kama Sutra Drinking Chocolate

P-KAM 13 oz tin