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La Spineta Olive Oil

La Spineta Olive Oil

Bold, beautiful and unknown. A great value from Puglia.

Pugliese oils get little credit on the international oil scene. The region's reputation is that of a producer of affordable bulk oils. But hidden in the shadows of the huge industrial producers are artisans like the Pellegrino family. I visited their farm a couple of years ago, and I keep coming back to their full-flavored extra virgin olive oil again and again. There's a nose tingling grassiness that adds a depth of flavor to food. It's especially good in spicy pasta dishes or any place you want a really robust olive flavor.

Extra virgin olive oil
Coratina olives
Rustic and fruity flavors
The 2020 harvest has robust green, grassy, and bitter flavors. There is a sharp black pepper spiciness that builds to a long, lingering finish.

La Spineta Olive Oil

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La Spineta Olive Oil - case of 12

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How to store olive oil

As a very flexible rule, extra virgin olive oil can be stored for about a year. Keep it in a relatively cool, dark place. Heat and light are enemies, so stay away from window sills and stove sides. There’s no need to refrigerate, in fact, we recommend you avoid it.

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How do you know your olive oil is real and unadulterated?

Every couple years it seems a big news story breaks that warns us of the dangers of adulterated extra virgin olive oil. The oils in these stories come from producers who are blending olive oils from many sources, mixing less expensive oils, possibly not from the region they say they are, possibly not extra virgin. […]

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