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La Quercia Hand-Crafted Ham Stand

La Quercia Hand-Crafted Ham Stand

Ham helper.

A whole, dry-cured, bone-in ham is an impressive sight. It makes for a stunning centerpiece for a special event. But on its own, it's a challenge to slice and serve. That's where a ham stand comes in. A ham stand props up the ham and holds it steady for carving.
These hamstands are hand made by Gabe Lueders, an artist and craftsman based in Des Moines, IA. After working with Herb and Kathy Eckhouse of La Quercia (which also happens to be based just outside of Des Moines), Gabe developed this gorgeous, substantial ham stand. Each is about 22 inches long, and 6 inches wide, and when opened to its full size about 18 inches tall, and the base is emblazoned with La Quercia's logo.
This is a tool that will last a lifetime—or maybe a few lifetimes. Very limited quantities.
Once you have your stand constructed and your ham in place, download our ham care and slicing instructions for full enjoyment!

La Quercia Hand-Crafted Ham Stand

P-LQS 1 ham stand

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