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Jamón Ibérico from La Quercia

Jamón Ibérico from La Quercia

Like speaking Spanish with a Georgia twang, except with pigs

Many of heard of Spain’s famous Ibérico ham—the cured meat phenomenon prized for its supple fat and deep, long lasting, nutty flavor.

It’s gotten so popular that skilled ranchers are raising the same pigs under similar conditions here in the States. Only a handful of folks are in the game at the moment, but it's sure to grow as more and more folks hear about the famously flavorful Spanish ham, which up until now was very pricey. The good news is the Spanish hogs taste just as delicious after being raised here in the states...they just have an American twist to their profile.

These Ibérico-breed pigs roam free in north Georgia on White Oak Pastures Farm. They eat peanuts and pecans during their final months as they root and forage. After a lifetime rooting in the woods, the hogs are harvested and sent to La Quercia in Norwalk, Iowa to be trimmed and cured for up to three years. As the hams age, their flavor deepens, becomes the thing of legends. Finally it's sliced and ready for folks like us to enjoy with a glass of wine and a handful of good nuts.

Let the slices come up to room temperature before eating. The fat will literally melt on your tongue.

Jamón Ibérico from La Quercia

M-LQI 2 oz, sliced
Ships 2 business days warm weather care