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Inverawe Scottish Salmon Terrine

Inverawe Scottish Salmon Terrine

Triple salmon temptation.

From our friends at the Inverawe smokehouse on Loch Etive, Scotland, comes this triple threat of salmon goodness you'll want to serve at every gathering. 
Inverawe smokes their salmon with whole oak logs and uses no climate control beyond dampening the fires they light. It's rare for salmon to be smoked this way in this day and age, but it imparts a subtle smoke flavor driving down the texture of the fish. 
The salmon works overtime in this formed block of flavor. As a matter of fact, it works three times as hard as any other salmon, serving as the substance and the flair in this rich terrine. Silky smoked salmon mousse surrounds an inside of flaked cooked salmon, then the whole creation is topped with sliced smoked salmon. Unmold it out of its package and serve with crackers, crusty bread, or any other worthy vehicle of flavor. 
And not for nothing, but this is the same smoked salmon terrine that the Queen of England serves at Christmas. She doesn't truck with sub-par salmon. 
In February 2021, the Inverawe smokehouse burned down in a fire. Our hearts go out to the Inverawe team at this difficult time. They're working toward rebuilding their operation, but in the meantime, we don't have an ETA for when we expect to have any of their fish available again.

Inverawe Scottish Salmon Terrine

M-TRN 12 oz
We're not sure when it's returning

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