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Instant Yeast

Instant Yeast

Baking essential.

Yeast provides the leavening—that is, the rise—for all manner of baked goods. We know it best, of course, for the wide array of breads it leavens. At Zingerman's Bakehouse, yeast provides the leavening for breads ranging from Paesano to bagels. But yeast is also a key ingredient in many pastries. From cinnamon rolls to babka and waffles to donuts, yeast can create the light, fluffy texture that's central to making these baked goods so delicious.

This is a full pound of instant yeast, ready for baking any and all yeasted baked goods you can dream up. You can use it in any recipe that calls for instant or active dry yeast. Just note that if the recipe calls for active dry yeast, you can skip any steps calling for the yeast to be soaked in water for a few minutes before mixing it into the other ingredients (instant yeast doesn't need this activation step—that's why it's called "instant"), and you may also want to shorten any rising times by 10-15 minutes.

Instant Yeast

P-YST 1 lb bag
Ships for flat rate

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