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Hungarian Paprika

Hungarian Paprika

One-two flavor punch.

This paprika comes from the Hodi family in Szeged, one of the two regions in southern Hungary that’s particularly noted for paprika production. It’s the highest grade of paprika available called kulonleges, meaning “extraordinary” or “special” in Hungarian. The Hodis are involved in the whole operation: they grow the peppers and harvest them when they’re at their peak of redness and ripeness, then they dry them and grind them to powder using an old stone mill. 

The result is phenomenal. It has a gorgeous deep, rusty orange color and the flavor is full, lively, caramel sweet yet meaty with a deep smokiness.

Try swirling paprika into soups, whisking it into an omelet, sprinkling it on potatoes or pasta to add a tremendous punch of flavor.

Hodi paprika was featured as one of "12 Treasures of Europe" in the New York Times.

Hungarian Paprika

P-HPK 70 g box

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