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Holm Oak Honey

Holm Oak Honey

Acorn juice honey.

Holm oaks are an evergreen oak native to the Mediterranean region. In the fall, they drop the boatloads of acorns that feed Spain’s famous Ibérico pigs. But pigs aren’t the only animals the acorns feed.
When grown at higher altitudes, like at the Valdueza estate (the same family from whom we get our Marqués de Valdueza olive oil), on cold autumn nights the acorns secrete a bit of sap. Bees love this sweet oak sap, and the honey they make from it has notes of caramel, blueberry, and toasty tones. It’s silky, and almost never crystalizes.

Holm Oak Honey

P-HOH 9 oz jar
Ships for flat rate

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