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Holiday Gelato Collection

Holiday Gelato Collection

A special collection just for the holidays.

Thick, creamy, elegant, luscious. Eating gelato is an event, a special occasion that borders on a religious experience for ice cream connoisseurs.

At Zingerman's Creamery, they mix fresh milk from Calder Dairy—one of the last farmstead dairies in Michigan—with organic Demerara sugar and an array of other ingredients to churn out this Italian-style ice cream with direct, intense flavors.

Our holiday collection pulls together an assortment of flavors to celebrate the season.


Five tubs total, one pint each:

  • Dark Chocolate—overloaded with the best cocoa we can find
  • Vanilla—made with aromatic Indonesian vanilla beans
  • Mint Chocolate Chip—with handmade chocolate chips and natural mint oil
  • Raspberry Sorbet—revved up with the best Michigan raspberries we can get our hands on
  • Maple Pecan—made with real Michigan maple syrup and butter-roasted Georgia pecans

Important Order and Delivery Details
Your box of five gelati is shipped frozen with dry ice in its own box. If you order gelato plus something else going to the same address, it'll arrive in two boxes: one for the gelato, one for any other items.

Want different flavors? Check our our choose-your-own gelato kit!

Holiday Gelato Collection

G-GEL-HOL Five 16 oz Containers
Returning October 2022

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