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Heritage Pork Chop Tasting Flight

Heritage Pork Chop Tasting Flight

When pigs fly.

The breed of a pig has a huge impact on flavor. The heritage breeds, as they’re called, are hogs with pedigrees dating back at least half a century, who’ve been bred to thrive in different climates and produce great tasting meat. They’re making a bit of a comeback these days. You can spot them called out by name on menus in restaurants or at butchers’ counters, if you’re lucky enough to still have a working butcher in your town. It’s rare to spot more than one breed in the case, though, let alone four, like in this flight of pork chops.
Here’s your chance to set up a taste-off among the most delicious chops you’ll find in America. Our airborne pork feast includes two each of four different breeds, 8 chops total:
  • Red Wattle, known for its sweet flavor and meltingly delicious fat
  • Duroc, known for its depth and complexity
  • Ibérico, Spain’s iconic breed now raised in Georgia
  • Cinta, an old breed from Tuscany now raised in Iowa
In total, the box includes over 5 pounds of supremely flavorful pork, a one of a kind experience, ready for grilling. We also include a some notes on each breed so you can read while you eat.
Ships frozen.

Heritage Pork Chop Tasting Flight

G-PC4 8 pork chops, over 5 pounds of meat total
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