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Ground Beef from Carman Ranch

Ground Beef from Carman Ranch

Grass fed ground beef.

Cory Carman is a fourth-generation rancher running her family’s farm in the Wallowa valley in eastern Oregon. Cory can tell you all about the various components of grasses, and which parts contain more proteins or more carbohydrates, and how those components change as the grass grows. She uses that knowledge to put the right cattle on the right pastures—since her cattle never eat grain, getting the ideal nutrition from grass is a must. The result is beef that’s tender, juicy, and supremely flavorful.
Even for something as seemingly simple as ground beef, Cory's attention to detail makes a difference. When we tasted a slew of ground beefs all side by side to compare them, Cory's was the clear-cut winner. It has rich, deep flavor and just the right grind.. Not too fine, which can get pasty. Not too coarse which can seem a little grainy. It's a classic 80/20 split of 80% lean to 20% fat. A home run in burgers, chilis, meatballs, tacos, and just about any other recipe that calls for ground beef.
One hundred percent grass fed. No hormones, no antibiotics, no GMOs, no feed lots.

Ground Beef from Carman Ranch

M-GBF 1 lb
Ships 2 business days

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