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Gooseberry Elderflower Jam

Gooseberry Elderflower Jam

As English as it gets.

Sky and Kai have been making proper British jam in London for nearly two decades but their jars have just touched down in the states. This may be the first time you’ve seen them. I doubt it’ll be the last.

Preserves like this are difficult to make at this level and I expect they’ll gather fans quickly. I really enjoy the way they’ve focused on hard-to-find but easy-to-enjoy English fruits. Gooseberries are big, juicy fruits found in hedgerows across the British Isles. Here they’re cooked till soft, sweetened with cane sugar, and given a shot of elderflower for aroma.

Heady stuff, worth getting lost in for a morning of toast, an afternoon of scones.

Gooseberry Elderflower Jam

P-GEJ 230 g jar
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