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Freshly Milled Whole Wheat Flour from Michigan

Freshly Milled Whole Wheat Flour from Michigan

Grown by the Luckhardts, milled at Zingerman's Bakehouse.

Just down the road from Ann Arbor, in Saline, Michigan, the Luckhardt family raises everything from corn, beans and hay to sheep and cows on their 400 acre farm. In 2019, they added a few acres soft red winter wheat to the mix. Our Bakehouse bought the whole crop, and now they're milling the wheat into whole grain on their in-house stone mill.

This is a 100% whole grain flour—no part of it is sifted out. Unlike most whole grain flour at the grocery, which is typically made by mixing some amount of the bran back into the white flour, this one is never separated. Since it's made from a softer wheat, you'll see big flakes of the bran dotted throughout.

The flour is very fresh—we bag it the same day we mill it, and ship it out within days of milling. That's a big difference from flour at the grocery, which may have been milled months ago. Just like how olive oil is typically at its most flavorful directly after milling and the flavors get mellower as it ages, fresher flour has more flavor, too. More flavorful flour makes for more flavorful baked goods.

In addition to being fresher and containing more parts of the wheat, this flour differs from whole wheat flours at the grocery in one more important way: it's a bit lower in protein, akin to whole wheat pastry flour. The lower protein content means it's great for producing tender pastries—a recent test batch of scones made at Zingerman's Bakehouse turned our particularly well. For bread baking, the lower protein content means that this flour may not form as strong of a gluten structure as avid bakers are used to. That means it's great for blending with other flours for bread baking—or just play with it, and see what you come up with!

What about replacing AP flour with this flour in recipes? It's best to start small and work your way up. Try replacing just 25-30% of the AP flour with this whole wheat to start, and see how your baking differs. You may also want to give your recipes more time. At Zingerman's Bakehouse, when they bake cookies with freshly milled whole grain flours, they find the cookies are best if they let the dough sit overnight before baking.

Freshly Milled Whole Wheat Flour from Michigan

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