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French Cheese Passport

French Cheese Passport

A gift box of select French cheeses.

Great French cheeses from all over the country are shipped directly to us from farms and aging caves. We care for them and select the best, cut and wrap them to order, then nestle 'em in a gift box with bread or crackers and send them along to your recipient. Order now, and we'll assemble an homage to affinage with our favorites: Comté cheese from Fort St. Antoine, Camembert cheese from Normandy and Brebis d'Ossau French Mountain Cheese from the Pyrenees.

The cheese passport contains three cheeses weighing in at over a pound and a half total. By caterer's rule of thumb — two ounces per person — it will serve 7-10. They're hand cut to order and wrapped in our special cheese bag.

French Cheese Passport with Crackers

G-N-FRE 1.5 lbs cheese, plus crackers, serves 7-10
Free shipping

French Cheese Passport with Bread

G-FRE 1.5 lbs cheese, plus bread, serves 7-10
Free shipping