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Fig Molasses

Fig Molasses

Southern Italy's maple syrup.

Every August and September, the Rao Family receives daily deliveries of dottato figs from small family farms around Cosenza in Calabria, in Southern Italy.

To make fig molasses, they cook down the fresh figs in copper kettles, reducing them to less than half their original volume, much like how American maple syrup makers work. The fruit is separated from the syrup, leaving a concentrated, thick, sweet molasses. The Raos often use it as an ingredient in their confections, like the roasted fig balls we sell every autumn where the molasses is used as delicious form of glue, holding the figs together.

They also bottle a bit for us so we can all use it wherever we'd like. What a treat. Drizzle it onto yogurt, atop pancakes, over oatmeal. It's particularly delicious paired with grilled meats, like pork or flank steak.

Fig Molasses

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